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At D&H Enterprises we believe you deserve the best in tree removal and that’s exactly what we provide. We pride ourselves on being a dependable tree service provider that is able to meet all of our client’s needs. Our goal is to provide the highest quality tree removal and landscape grading services, on schedule, and on budget while offering outstanding customer service. We understand that time and cost are crucial so we strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations.

For our customers’ peace of mind, we offer valuable money saving services and maintenance contracts. Please call for additional details.

Frankie Hart Tree Removal Services in GA
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D & H Enterprises offers the highest quality tree removal and trimming services at a lower cost. We specialize in difficult removals and the stuff other tree companies say they can’t get.

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25 Years Experience

We have over 25 years experience in the tree removal, landscape grading and saw mill industry. We believe in quality workmanship and customer service.

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Company History

D&H Enterprises is a family owned business with over 20 years experience in tree removal, trimming and landscape grading. As licensed & insured ISA-Certified Arborists, we have experience with tree service and removal projects of all sizes. If you need a tree removed safely, call the professional arborists at D&H Enterprises – Athens’ trusted tree service and removal experts.

Our Mission

Our company provides a full spectrum of work of any level of complexity. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, who have been in the industry for no less than 6 years. We have gained extensive experience while solving the most complex technical and organizational tasks, what allows us to provide you with the best service.

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